Alvin C. Warnick Lecture Series

Dr. Alvin C. Warnick

Dr. Alvin C. Warnick

About Dr. Warnick

The Alvin C. Warnick Lecture Series was created by the Department of Animal Sciences to recognize the achievements of Dr. Alvin C. Warnick. One of the founders of the Reproductive and Perinatal Biology Group, Dr. Warnick made important contributions to the improvement of the livestock industry through innovative research, outreach to the industry through extension activities and teaching livestock specialists.

Dr. Warnick was born on a farm in Hinckley, Utah on November 15, 1920. He received the BS degree in Animal Science from Utah State in 1942 and then served in World War II in the U.S. Army Air Corps. He received the PhD from the University of Wisconsin in 1950 under the direction of Dr. Lester Casida. Dr. Casida was then the foremost authority in the world on domestic animal reproduction. Dr. Warnick worked with Dr. Fred McKenzie, another famous reproductive physiologist, at Oregon State University for 3 years as an assistant professor. Subsequently Dr. Warnick joined the Animal Science faculty at the University of Florida in 1953 as the university’s first reproductive physiologist.

At the time he came to Florida, ranches in the state were plagued with severe mineral deficiencies, screw worm was a major pest, cattle were largely unimproved genetically and management was minimal. Dr. Warnick was one of a team of scientists at the University of Florida who brought science to bear on these problems and, as a result, changed the face of the industry. He was the first person to palpate cows for reproductive diagnoses in the state of Florida. He evaluated effects of crossbreeding, level of nutrition, and many other factors for their effects on reproduction and led efforts to incorporate artificial insemination and embryo transfer into cattle management schemes.

During his career, Dr. Warnick has published over 300 scientific papers and was the co-author of three books. In addition to work at Florida, he contributed to international agriculture and worked extensively in Argentina, Brazil, and Ethiopia. He trained 70 PhD and Masters students at Florida and these people have gone on to play leading roles in academia and industry. After a distinguished career as a reproductive physiologist Dr. Warnick was named Professor Emeritus in 1990. At the age of 91, Dr. Warnick remains active occasionally delivering lectures, participating in field days, participating in the weekly Reproductive and Perinatal seminars, and interacting with departmental graduate students.

Past Alvin C. Warnick Lecturers

Milo Wiltbank, Professor, Department of Dairy Science, University of Wisconsin
Pivotal periods and prevention of pregnancy loss in dairy cattle and embryo recipients
October 26, 2016

Peter Sutovsky, Professor of Animal Science and of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Women’s Health, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
Spermatozoa – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Lessons from sperm phenotypes of livestock animals and their translation to human male infertility
November 4, 2015

Tom Geary, Agricultural Research Service, Fort Keogh Livestock and Range Research Laboratory, Miles City, MT
Limitations to pregnancy success in beef cattle
December 3, 2014

Bob Cushman, ARS USDA Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center, Nebraska
Strategies to improve heifer selection and heifer development
October 31, 2012

Thomas Hansen, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University
Mechanism of Luteal Resistance During Early Pregnancy in Ruminants
October 19, 2011

Michael Smith, Department of Animal Science, University of Missouri
Contributions of Ovulatory Follicle Size to Establishment and Maintenance of Pregnancy in Suckled Beef Cows
November 17, 2010