Work in Progress Club

Reproductive and Perinatal Biology and Outcomes Work in Progress Club

In Fall 2011, Dr. Kirk Conrad ( organized the Reproductive and Perinatal Biology and Outcomes Work in Progress Club (WIP) held every other Friday from 4–5 PM in the New Deal Cafe. In this relaxed atmosphere, PIs and Trainees of the Reproductive and Perinatal Biology and Outcomes Research Program volunteer to present. Presenter names only are posted; no titles are displayed, so that the topic is a surprise and the decision whether to participate or not based upon subject matter is circumvented. In a relaxed setting, the purpose is to present new ideas and unpublished data, in order to solicit feedback from one’s peers, educate the trainees, and to be exposed to research that may be far afield from one’s own area. The presentations are informal with use of power point discouraged and white board encouraged. Trainees present, too, in order to actively engage them in WIP. Spontaneity and interruptions are encouraged with wild and off the wall questions and comments from PIs and Trainees. An important purpose of the WIP Club is to find common ground for writing of new collaborative NIH RO1 and PO1 grant applications. WIP is proving to be highly educational, enlightening, fun and relaxed — a combination that is hard to beat. In fact, we typically do not finish until 6 PM or later, when the restaurant staff kick us out to seat reserved dinner parties! (See

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